Iranian Rial, Toman (IRR) Exchange Rates (Buying rate) 2015

IRR or Iranian rial is the official currency of Iran, Since 2013 Iranian rial is the world’s least valued currency unit, name itself is Spanish originally although the “toman” now used in Iran and it is a common among all the Iranian unless you are dealing with some official or banks that you have to use the rial with tons of zero in front of it. This name is also Portuguese origin, Iranian government are into new leadership of country which portrayed a new government with lots of hopes and promises for Iranians and they are about to change the currency name and also use new sign and get rid of the 4 zero of the current rial in  coming years. As you may notice it we will try to use the most common toman for our exchange rate and update it regularly so that it can be effective to portrayed the cost of living in Iran for foreigners and those of you who can’t read Farsi and you are Iranian or interested to live in Iran. one last advice, IRR or iranian rial is 10000 rial where as when you want to say the same amount in Farsi you would take one zero off and call it 1000 toman instead, in a easy way 10000 rial = 1000 toman and it is much better to use this method once you are in Iran because no one use this in public and you only have to use it when you are doing some official work or at banks.

(USD) United States Dollar “$” Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

(EUR) Euro “€”  Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

(GBP) Pound Sterling “£” Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

(AED) Dirham UAE Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

(CNY) Chinese Yuan Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

(TRY) Turkish Lira Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

(MYR) Malaysian Ringgit Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

(CHF) Swiss Franc Exchange Rate = (IRR) Iranian Rial “Toman

Last updated: April 04 2015