Iran gold coins prices in American dollar (2015)

IranBahar Azadi Gold coins” are replaced by Pahlavi Since the Islamic Republic and Bahar Azadi gold coins are usually 21.6 grade (90%). Since the introduction of these gold coins they have been used by Iranian people in many way such as gift, mahrieh “mandatory payment in terms of money, gold or anything that groom pay before the time of marriage and it shall remain as a contract and if by any case two divorced full amount have to pay by groom to bride”, government worker bonus, investment and many other type of savings. There are different sizes that are available for sale in Iranian market such as quarter, half, full, 2 and half, five , currently the first three are the most used gold coins and there are easy to buy or sell ay any reputable exchange store or gold shops.

Latest Gold Price in Iran.

Quarter Iranian gold coin (quarter) = 2,03225 gram (21.6k)

Half Iranian Gold Coin (half) = 4,0665 gram (21.6k)

Full Iranian Gold Coin (full) = 8,133 gram (21.6k)

2 and half Iranian Gold Coin (2&half) = 20.3325 gram (21.6k)

5 Iranian Gold Coin (5) = 40.665 gram (21.6k)

Last updated: April 04 2015