Food prices in Iran

There are many different seasons in Iran as much as 4 and maybe some people still aren’t aware of this but we as Iranian always telling everyone that we have snow we have mountain, Winter, Sea and so on. Even we have all this goodness all to our self but we still do import fruits and other goods to cater our ever growing needs to feed our self.

 This list can change according to every season and some of the items are not always available because of seasons of the fruits but thanks to import of fresh fruits and other food now you can have any fruits any time just by paying extra when you go grocery shopping in Tehran, this prices are mostly based in Tehran in Iran as you maybe not aware that prices in every part of the country is different due to many reasons such as cost of transferring goods to Tehran and also middle mans whom are sending the fresh produces every day to Tehran.

To make it short here are the list of most of your necessary food or grocery needs with price in USD and mostly per kg in Iran. yes in Iran people still tend to buy their food or fruits with kg as it has been this way since long time but prices are increasing rapidly and I think the day is near where most of the Iranian family have to buy their needs in smaller quantity, as of quality also decrease at the same time because of the prices farmers get from exporting their products to other countries specially organic fruits and nuts.

Idea behind this is to give you a rough price range of food in Iran and we will also update you on restaurant prices as they are so much differences as in where you dine in or have your breakfast but we will give you a range of prices no worries.

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Last updated: April 14 2014