Price of Iranian cars

Price of cars in Iran (Iranian made cars)

There are not many choices when it comes to Iranian made cars as there are dominated by 2 main group of IKCO and Saipa. Here we gather the list of cars manufactured and assembled in Iran. Prices of cars depending on which model or year you choose from varies, also do not forget the middleman charges in Iran as there are always on your way and asking you extra or nothing to get the car you want, you do not have many option in colors and many of the cars already went out of production around the world many years ago but if you want to have a cheap budget car while you are in Iran or living in Iran you have to choice to look for Iranian made cars with a reasonable price.

Final words we make sure to bring you the latest prices of Iranian cars regularly to have a clear prospect of car prices in Iran, our prices is based on USD (American Dollar) and we hope to offer the prices in currencies such as Euro and Pound sterling.

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Last updated: September 06 2014

Price of Iranian cars (cars manufactured and assembled in Iran)

Name of the car and link to car information
Lowest $ (USD)
Highest $ (USD)
iran khodro logo
Iran Khodro Cars
Bardo Pick-up
Peugeot Pars10,60013,500
Peugeot 4058,81510,050
Peugeot 20611,45011,630
Peugeot 206 SD11,66014,850
Peugeot 207i (Automatic)14,35017,120
Peugeot 207i (Manual)12,16014,530
Suzuki Grand Vitara36,65043,920
Suzuki Kizashi34,12036,330
saipa logo
SAIPA cars
Saipa 132 (Pride)6,0306,130
Saipa 141 (Pride)5,1105,780
Saipa 111 (Pride)6,3006450
Renault Tondar 90 (Manual)11,42012,630
Renault Tondar 90 (Automatic)13,88014,500
Renault Megane (Currently Mégane II)20,53033,170
Saipa Tiba7,4907,835
Nissan zamyad 248,5309,350
Used Citroen C5 (2011)33,67035,520
Nissan Murano (2012)57,82072,670
Zotye (S300) by SAIPA23,47524,000
Nissan Pickup23,00031,595
Nissan Qashqai (2012)-42,660
Nissan Teana39,60051,500
morattab khodro logo
Morttab Khodro
MVM car logo
Modiran Vehicle Manufacturing Company (MVM)
MVM X3320,00022,490
MVM 1106,6706,910
MVM 31512,10012,130
MVM 53012,67013,710
kerman khodro logo
Kerman Motor
Used Lifan 520i-8,660
Lifan 62014,06014,375
Lifan X6019,15020,060
JAC J5 (Manual)15,01015,955
JAC J5 (Automatic)18,29018,830
bahman cars logo
Bahman Group
Capra Double Cabin21,96022,500
Capra Single Cabin16,90018,320
Mazda 2 (2012)21,80025,910
Mazda 324,17039,810
Mazda pickup (Double Cabin)-(not in production)13380
Mazda pickup (Single Cabin)-(not in production)12390
zagross khodro logo
Zagross Khodro
Proton Impian 2008 (Manual)-(not in production)12,000
Proton Impian 2008 (Automatic) *not in production-(not in production)12,870
Proton Gen2 2009 (Automatic) *not in production-(not in production)17,220
Proton Gen2 2009 (Manual) *not in production-(not in production)14,560
diar khodro logo
Diar Khodro
Wingle 5 (2cab)19,05019,150
Sabrina Sedan (E150) 18,20018,270
Sabrina Hatchback (E150)18,39018,450
Price list of cars manufactured and assembled in Iran.